Riding with emotion. Thrill to the torque.


The new Sport Tourer

Throughout much of Europe, motorcycling is experiencing something of a renaissance in the key marketplaces. More people are coming back to appreciate that powered two wheelers offer an affordable, accessible and exciting way to discover another world and live another life. And an increasing number of riders are looking to expand their horizons by choosing a Sport Tourer as their next motorcycle.

Yamaha has recently released many exciting and innovative motorcycles to the market, and will continue to push ahead with its extensive new model development programme. In summer 2016 we will be introducing a sporty and versatile new model which will mark a significant step forward in the approach to the Sport Touring segment.

The exciting and addictive new Yamaha Tracer 700 has been developed from the highly successful MT-07 platform, and is poised to attract a new generation of riders by strengthening and reinvigorating the current Sport Tourer line up. Offering an impressive specification combined with an affordable price – and featuring a bold and individual style – the Tracer 700 has the potential to transform the image of the Sport Tourer class.

Positioned to become the definitive middleweight Sport Tourer, the Tracer 700 is a natural step-up model, and is ready to expand the segment and reinforce the huge success of the Tracer 900.

The launch of this sporty new model also offers Yamaha the opportunity to rationalize and expand the company’s Sport Tourer segment, which will embrace the new Tracer 700 and also the Tracer 900, as well as the recently revised FJR1300 flagship models.

With its sports-oriented heritage – combined with serious long distance abilities and dynamic good looks – the new Tracer 700 opens up an exciting new era in the middleweight Sport Tourer category.

Turn Your Story. Making new memories.

Whether riding solo to a cafe on a Sunday morning or spending two weeks touring the continent with a passenger and luggage, the Tracer 700 has the potential to introduce its rider to a new world, and help make new memories that will last a lifetime.

With its good looks, attractive specification and the ability to perform strongly in different situations, the Tracer 700 is an exciting and versatile middleweight aimed at a wide variety of riders who want to make the most out of every day. The next page in everyone’s life story is yet to be filled. And the Tracer 700 is ready to help in turning it.


Riding with emotion. Thrill to the torque.

One of the key features that differentiates the Tracer 700 from other models in the mid-class Sport Tourer category is its ability to deliver a sporty, emotional and intuitive riding experience. We all ride because we choose to, not because we have to. And so our ‘Kando’ philosophy* is to create a range of motorcycles that will inspire, excite and make you smile on every ride.

The new Tracer 700 embodies this way of thinking in every respect, and is equipped with the 4-valve twin cylinder 689cc engine that won numerous awards in its debut year with the MT-07. This torque-rich ‘crossplane philosophy’ engine is playing a major part in re-establishing Yamaha as Europe’s leading brand, and the new-generation 689cc design has been widely acclaimed as one of the most enjoyable and rewarding powerplants in the category.

One of the key attributes of this emotional twin cylinder engine is its 270-degree crank that delivers an uneven firing interval, and this characteristic contributes towards a strong feeling of acceleration – as well as offering high levels of traction. The deep and powerful linear torque output gives the new Tracer 700 the ability to deliver an exciting and rewarding riding experience that conventional twin cylinder engines simply cannot match, giving this new Sport Tourer the ability to deliver an enjoyable and emotional ride on every journey.

As well as producing a unique and responsive engine character that makes the Tracer 700 a true Sport Tourer, the 689cc twin cylinder design also makes class-leading levels of power and torque. Developing 55.0 kW (74.8PS) @ 9,000 rpm, together with 68.0 Nm (6.9 kg-m) @ 6,500 rpm, the new Tracer 700 offers strong sports performance for exciting cornering on winding country roads. Then, when it’s time to pack up and go, this versatile bike is built to make light work of long distance touring.

Sport Tourer. Excitement in every corner.

Excitement has been engineered into the Tracer 700’s DNA, as its compact and lightweight chassis features a tubular steel frame that has been developed from the highly acclaimed MT-07 platform. This minimalist design instantly established a strong reputation for its agile handling and responsive character, and the Tracer 700’s newly developed chassis features a range of exclusive refinements that are designed to enhance its versatility and comfort while retaining a strong sporting heritage.

For a more stable riding character at higher cruising speeds – especially when riding 2-up with luggage – the Tracer 700 is equipped with a 50mm longer swingarm to give a wheelbase of 1450mm. To suit its long distance role, the 130mm travel front and rear suspension systems feature revised settings for smooth and responsive characteristics in a variety of conditions. Dual 282mm front discs with 4-pot calipers and a 245mm rear disc deliver powerful and responsive braking performance, and ABS is equipped as standard.

These chassis refinements – combined with a class-leading wet weight of 196 kg – ensure that the Tracer 700 is ready to excite in every corner, and yet can be transformed into a serious long distance tourer with the addition of a range of Genuine Yamaha accessories.

Go the full distance. Feel the difference.

With its torque-rich engine and agile chassis, the Tracer 700 is a truly versatile bike that is ready to excel in any situation. In addition to its exclusive chassis and suspension refinements, this sporty new middleweight benefits from a number of features that underline its genuine touring potential.

The fuel-efficient 689cc twin cylinder engine is fed by a large capacity 17-litre fuel tank that gives the Tracer 700 a long range between fuel stops, making this middleweight Sport Tourer a serious long distance performer.

To help deflect wind from the rider’s upper body, the Tracer 700 is fitted with a manually adjustable windscreen as well as knuckle guards with integral flashers. Dual Tracer 900-style headlights emphasize the model’s modern and aggressive look – and for added rider and passenger comfort there’s a new one-piece stepped dual seat and passenger grab bar.

With its unique mix of riding excitement combined with day to day versatility and impressive long range potential, the Tracer 700 is ready to open up the world of Sport Touring to a new group of riders from different backgrounds.


Taking it further. Making it their own.

Every owner likes to personalize their bike to suit their lifestyle and individual needs, and we have developed a range of key accessories for the Tracer 700, including 20-litre soft side cases, as well as a 39-litre top case, and there is also a higher windscreen for increased weather protection.

The full range of Genuine Yamaha Parts & Accessories will be announced near the Tracer 700’s arrival in the market.



RMB (Radical Red)
MDNM6 (Tech Black)
DPBM13 (Yamaha Blue)

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Tracer 700 Profile

* Versatile, sporty and exciting new 700 class Sport Tourer

* Gateway to the Sport Tourer segment

* Exciting sports performance with agile handling

* Adjustable screen and large fuel tank enhance long distance potential

* Torque-rich 689cc twin cylinder crossplane engine

* Refined chassis for enhanced stability and comfort

* Longer swingarm and revised suspension settings

* Strong emphasis on rider and passenger ergonomics

* Outstanding power to weight ratio

* Wide range of Genuine Yamaha accessories


Tracer 700 Technical Highlights

* 689cc DOHC 4-valve twin cylinder fuel-efficient engine

* 'Crossplane philosophy' design for a deep & linear torque

* 55.0 kW (74.8PS) @ 9,000 rpm

* 68.0 Nm (6.9 kg-m) @ 6,500 rpm

* Tubular backbone frame with aluminium swingarm

* 1450mm wheelbase

* 196 kg wet weight

* Long range 17-litre fuel tank

* Manually adjustable screen with optional high screen

* Wind deflecting integrated knuckle guards

* Dual headlights with LED position lights

* Stepped one-piece dual seat with grab rail

* 835mm seat height

* Lightweight 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels

* Digital instrumentation with full LED display

* Dual 282mm front discs with 4-pot calipers and ABS

* 130mm front and rear suspension stroke



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