Lifan E3 ECOBIKE Electric Scooter

ZERO Emissions ZERO Fuel .......Special Offer Rear Top Box included



With the ever-increasing demand for an economical way to commute, driven by rising cost of car ownership, traffic in the Cities with ever increasing restrictions on cars, cost of parking and fuel and of course people becoming more aware of environmental issues,

Moto4u has just launched an exclusive range of Bosch-powered, lithium-ion battery, road-legal eco scooters with a range of 120km.

They are available in six amazing colour options at affordable price

One charge will give up to 120 kms which is a break through in extended battery life and these scooters come with two chargers one for home and one for office or college, the battery is a handy li-ion pack with carry handle situated under seat for quick easy removal, battery can also be charged in place if that is more suitable.

Why not call in to our store and take a look at our demo scooter and arrange a test ride, you will be very surprised at the power and agility of these vehicles.

Licence required category M or any other motorcycle category, If you hold full B Car licence dated on or before 20th October 2006 you are entitled to ride this scooter also.

Yes you will require insurance lowest category , you will require a helmet and safety clothing, Road tax €35 per year and plug in to charge, no petrol no oil no sound just simple eco friendly way to beat the traffic !!




  • B Car Licence legal
  • BOSCH 1200w Brushless Efficiency motor
  • Comfort Seat
  • Cruise Control
  • Digital Clock
  • Electric
  • Electric vehicle
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Immobilization system
  • LED Headlights
  • LED Indicators
  • Rear luggage rack
  • Top Box
  • Underseat Storage

DIMENSIONS: 1975x715x1080 (mm)



RATED OUTPUT (W-r/min): 1500

MAX TORQUE(N.m/min): 115



RANGE: 125km @ 20km/h    72km @ 40km/h   (Lab test)

TYRE SIZE:  front 3.0-10  rear 3.5-10


Year: New
Make: Lifan
Model: LF1200 E3
Style: Scooter
Fuel Economy: Zero Fuel
Condition: New
Price: €2,699.00
Engine: Bosch Electric
Colour: Blue
MPG: City / Motorway

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