GSX-S 125A


A1 Licence


An Exciting and Aggressive Style
The GSX-S125 has exciting, aggressive styling that transforms it into a rolling work of motorcycle art. It starts at the front with a modern headlight cowl and instrument module, and continues with a sculpted fuel tank and extended upper side cowlings, plus a lower engine cowling. The tail section and side panels extend forward and reach underneath the fuel tank, unifying the design. And frame covers add distinction and substance to the overall look. The sleek, compact bodywork pieces not only look great, they are also lighter than the bodywork used by competitors, and make it easier for the rider to maneuver through traffic jams.

LED Lighting
Reflecting its GSX-R heritage, the GSX-S125 features vertically stacked LED headlights, with the low beam above the high beam, and position lights on each side of the headlight. The GSX-S125’s LED headlights are bright and compact, lighter and longer lasting compared to conventional halogen-bulb headlights

The Science of Engine Design
There is a science to building high-performance engines, and the GSX-S125’s DOHC engine could be used in a university textbook as an example of how to make a lot of performance out of a very efficient and compact powerplant. The objective is combustion efficiency, optimal balance of the sporty engine character and fuel economy. There is a connection between the GSX-S125 and the race-proven four-cylinder GSX-R600 sold around the world, because the GSX-S125’s single cylinder is almost one-quarter of a GSX-R600. Although Suzuki engineers experimented with different bore and stroke figures to find the most efficient combination for the GSX-S125, the two engines both use an over-square design, with a larger bore and a shorter stroke, and have a similar bore x stroke ratio, 1.576:1 for the GSX-R600 and 1.505:1 for the GSX-S125. The GSX-S125 engine displaces an actual 125cm from a 62mm cylinder bore and a 41.2mm piston stroke. The larger bore makes room for two 24mm intake valves and two 21mm exhaust valves, set upright at narrow angles to improve the shape of the combustion chamber, increasing the compression ratio, performance and fuel economy. The cylinder bore is plated with Suzuki’s own race-proven nickel-phosphorus-silicon-carbide bore coating known as SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material). An aluminum cylinder plated with SCEM weighs much less than an aluminum cylinder fitted with a conventional, pressed-in cast-iron liner, while also reducing friction and improving durability, ring seal, heat transfer and the engine’s ability to maintain consistent high-power output.

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Year: New
Make: Suzuki
Model: GSX-S 125A
Style: Naked
Condition: New
Price: €4,499.00
Engine: 125
MPG: City / Motorway
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