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The MT range is constantly evolving and moving ahead in the never-ending quest to give every motorcyclist the opportunity to get the most out of every ride. Coming just one year after the launch of the new MT-09 – that has been a huge sales success in its first season – the Hyper Naked segment will be further strengthened by the launch of the new MT-09 SP.

The SP suffix is reserved for a small number of exclusive Yamaha models including the MT-10 SP that offer a premium specification with an emphasis on sport performance. Featuring a high standard specification that includes Öhlins equipment as well as dedicated colouring and unique finishing, the radical new MT-09 SP builds on the significant strengths of the MT brand, and takes the Hyper Naked riding experience to a new extreme.

New Öhlins remotely adjustable rear shock
Öhlins and Yamaha have been working closely together on a range of projects for many years, and the two brands have much in common. Each company shares a total commitment to performance, and both brands are recognized as being the leading innovators in their own respective fields.

In order to give Hyper Naked riders even greater possibilities to explore the outstanding performance of the 3-cylinder torque-rich crossplane engine, Yamaha’s designers have specified an Öhlins rear shock absorber for the new MT-09 SP. This premium rear suspension system offers higher levels of adjustability via an easily accessible remote adjuster, allowing riders to fine tune their settings and achieve class-leading handling performance and enhanced controllability.

MT-09 SP owners also have the possibility to fine-tune their suspension set up with a range of optional Öhlins rear springs that are available in a range of different rates from the Genuine Yamaha accessories line-up. By fitting an optional rear spring that matches their riding style and weight, every owner can create their ultimate suspension system.

Newadjustable front forks
Both the MT-09 and MT-09 SP are fitted with Kayaba front forks. The standard MT-09 has adjustable front forks where one leg is for rebound and the other is for compression. The MT-09 SP has adjustable front forks where both legs can be adjusted for rebound and compression damping, and this difference allows more fine-tuning of the front suspension settings. 

Special MT-10 SP style colour scheme
To complement its premium specification, the MT-09 SP is finished in an exclusive Silver Blu Carbon colour scheme that matches the design featured on the MT-10 SP.

The fuel tank features silver sides with blue upper sections, and has a stylish MT-09 SP water transfer graphic on each side, as well as a 3D Yamaha tuning fork logo. The headlight cowl and seat cowl are painted silver, while the front fender has a blue/black finish with SP graphics.

To complete the exclusive SP look the lightweight 10-spoke wheels are finished in blue – just like the MT-10 SP – and the wheels feature MT- 09 SP graphics. The SP theme is continued in the seat, which features distinctive blue stitching that complements the tank and wheels.

Black handlebars, levers and crown
The high quality feel and exclusive looks of the MT-09 SP are complemented by the use of black handlebars, black control levers and a black handlebar crown.

Special LCD instrument panel
Unlike most other bikes in the class, the MT-09 SP’s special LCD instrument panel displays white information against a black background, giving higher levels of clarity during daytime riding. As well as its practical advantages, this high quality panel refines this class-leading motorcycle’s impressive appearance.

  • ABS
  • Advanced Traction Control
  • Digital Clock
  • Immobilization system
  • Ohlins rear suspension
  • Slipper Clutch
  • Switchable TCS
  • TCS
Year: New
Make: Yamaha
Model: MT-09 SP
Style: Naked
Condition: New
Price: €0.00
MPG: City / Motorway
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